What’s New

The Seduction Duet got a major makeover! Summer Seduction and Student Seduction are now HOT FOR HER and HOT FOR TEACHER. You can find them on ALL RETAILERS! Why the change? Well…the word student was a content red-flag so Amazon, Apple, and Kobo all blocked Student Seduction upon release. I fought for them, y’all. I truly did. Because while Emersyn is technically a minor for part of their story, I don’t think anyone would argue that she’s not an adult. However, I respect the rules and guidelines of the platforms on which I self-publish, therefore, I made the requested changes and I hope you enjoy the updates!


Upcoming Events

Music City with the Belles

Can I just tell y’all how excited I am to be attending my first book signing in 3 YEARS?! And it’s in my very favorite city of Nashville, TN! I’ll have copies of all of my new books and a few vintage ones with limited edition covers! Pre-order links will be live soon for those of you planning to attend! Can’t wait to see you in Music City!